Our capabilities range from live viruses and viral vectors to mRNA vaccines and protein subunit vaccines, and we are continually looking to broaden our platforms. Under one roof, in our 74,000 square foot footprint facility, we have:


  • Multiple Grade C clean rooms for the support, production and formulation of Drug Substance (DS);
    • 5x small DS suites
    • 4x intermediate sized DS suites with adjacent Production suite
    • 4x large DS suites arranged in pairs of Cell Build and Production rooms
    • A dispensary
    • A Solution Prep room for make up of solutions in single use systems (up to 1000L) or in either of 2x 8000L stainless steel, CIP’ed vessels
    • 2x formulation rooms
    • 2x large filling lines
    • 2x small scale filling suites
  • Grade D clean rooms for inspection, labelling and packing operations
  • Extensive offices, sizable GMP warehouse, and cold storage capacity

All of our clean rooms will be able to operate at BSL2.


Further Reading

History of VMIC

VMIC was founded in 2018 by world renowned academic and industry leaders in vaccines. In 2019 VMIC experts took a central role in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who we are

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in the biotechnology industry and knowledge economy.

Founders & funders

A powerful network of world renowned academic institutions with strong track records in vaccine research and development, industry leading commercial partners, and UK Government.

Our purpose

VMIC is part of the UK’s national scientific infrastructure providing a strategic vaccine development and manufacturing capability for the benefit of UK and beyond.